The ZA-SA Ltd was founded in 1999 by private persons. The ZA-SA Ltd and its predecessors is dealing with the production of different industrial products and parts. The company operates in two different settlements and has 100-120 employees. The company is leaded by qualified engineers and economists who are the owners as well.

The production structure of the company is based on two pillars.One of them is its own products which play a role in the commerce. From the other part the company operates as a supplier for national and foreign multinational companies.

The company has old traditions in production of metal mass products. Hinge of doors and windows are produced in wide variety. Among the products are the hinges of furnishes, industrial wire-brushes, curtain rods and their equipment /curtain clips, curtain rollers, runners/, equipment for fixing mirrors, door locks, thresholds and other metal mass products. We have galvanising plant, where we can provide the good appearance of our products by zinc and nickel surface treatment.

Doors, windows, hinges. It means traditional hinge-straps for doors and windows, screwable hinge-straps for doors and windows, hinge-straps with bag, hinge-straps with removable peg, hinge-straps for wardrobes, straight and bent hinge-straps in various measures and packaging.
Industrial wire brushes. Ring brushes, smoke cleaning brushes, tube brushes, disc brushes, manual brushes are available in various measures.

Curtain rods and their equipment. We can produce curtain rods in I and C profile from aluminium in any size up to 6000 mm, and different equipment like curtain clips, curtain rollers, runners, hooks for curtains, end fixings, roof discs.
Door locks. Different portal locks, auxiliary locks and main locks are available. We have just started the production of roller and latch locks in different sizes.

Other equipment. We produce many kind of different products used in household mainly, like equipment for fixing of mirrors, thresholds, different brackets.

We have a wide range of contacts as a supplier. We manufacture the metal parts and rods of windscreen-wiper for cars more 100.000 pieces.

We deliver more than 100 kind of parts more 100.000 pieces to companies dealing with production of cookers.

We have contact to companies dealing with production of buses for the national and international market. .
We have developed a good relation with a company located in Netherlands. We produce pan supports for it in various measures


The production capacity of our company makes us able to undertake other works in the fields mentioned.

There are more than 100 pieces of production machines at our company. Among these are press machines (eccentric and hydraulic), spot welders, butt welders, cutters, different turning machines and other special machines.

Our company has been accredited under ISO 9002, providing by this the good quality, deliveries within a specified time and the fair prices to our partners and clients.